?Write a 300-word response to the following question.

Question Description

The Case Study Paper must be at
least 750 words (not including the title and reference pages), double-spaced,
and in current APA format. Please note that the stated word count is a minimum.
Therefore, you are encouraged to ensure that you have thoroughly researched and
responded to each question/prompt provided below. Each assignment must include
a title page and a references page. Use at least 4 scholarly sources (published
within the last 5 years), the course textbook, and biblical integration.
The paper must specifically address the following areas: How the company uses its own products or services to enhance the total compensation for its employees; The internal and external strengths and weaknesses identified and how the company responded to these factors from a total rewards perspective; Examples of traditional and non-traditional rewards and how they are used to meet organizational objectives; How the company aligns its benefits with its corporate values; and Recommendations regarding an expansion of the benefits programs offered at the company that would further align HR with the accomplishment of organizational goals and values.

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