what are facts about the river Acheron?

I have a final paper exam which the class has four groups… the groups are nw himalaya, se himalaya ,, central of himalaya and tibet.. i am in the NW Himalaya whuch has three countries: azad kashmir, jammu kashmir and gilgit-baltistan. i have attached three files which has everything you need and i will attach the powerpoint slides for each group so you can take information from it to help you.. also you have to have Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya by David Zurick and Julsun Pacheco.. so you should have access to this book plealse. also there are many links for articles to read so you can write. just look to the attached files and you will understand everything. please you shoud have this book  
finalexaminstructions.docxother_instructions.pngtibet_group_project.pptxsoutheast_himalayas_group_presentation.pptxcentral_group_presentation.pptxnw_physical.pptxnw_political.pptxnw_economic.pptnw_current_evvent.pptxPosted: 5 years agoDue: 02/08/2014Budget: $35

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Professor Ortiz

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