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University of Phoenix Liberal Viewpoint Proposal Health Care Law Paper

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Assignment #2:
Great Barrier Reef, an oceanic jewel located in the eastern coast of
Queensland, Australia, is the largest system of coral reefs found on
Earth. It is a geological feature that is half alive (corals, sponges,
shellfish, fish, etc.) and half inanimate (calcium carbonate rocky
reefs). How in the world this geologic and biologic feature formed, and
how is it continually maintained? Was this Great Barrier Reef always
there, since billions of years ago? Why is it so amazingly long (about
1,400 miles) and why is it considered the largest biologically created
structure in the world? Why should we humans care about the Great
Barrier Reef? Is it dying, or is it still growing? Investigate about the Great Barrier Reef and write an essay about them. The questions provided above are to motivate you to investigate about this topic; you do not need to answer them one by one. The
essay must be at least three paragraphs long, and each paragraph must
contain at least five sentences (you can write more than three
paragraphs and more than five sentences per paragraph if you wish to do
so). The content of your essay must be written entirely in your OWN words. Use
in-text citations in parenthesis, APA style, if you paraphrase
information from other authors. Paraphrasing is not copy-pasting or
copying and changing a few words from other authors’ writings – it is
writing it in your OWN words to explain the authors’ writings. Only when necessary, you
can quote, but these quotes do not count towards the last tally of the
number of paragraphs and sentences required from your OWN writing. You must cite at least three references you used to investigate about this topic at the end of your essay (use APA style). You must submit your assignment using SafeAssign; your assignment will not be evaluated if it is not submitted through SafeAssign.

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