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University of Maryland Silicon Valley Startup Companies Case Study Paper

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Develop a company and determine what it will produce and sell. The requirement for this company is that it be a high-end, special-order type of manufactured product. Complete the following in a Word document of 1,000 words:Develop a list of inputs along with their associated costs, such as labor, materials, and overhead. You can research this information, make it up, or do a combination of both. Be specific as to costs.You are to determine the selling price. Show your calculations, and discuss why you have determined this to be a good sale price.How many items of your product will you need to produce to meet this sale price? How did you calculate this?Determine which of the costing systems discussed in this class will work best for your company. Explain why.Explain why those not chosen were not a good fit for your company.You must explain “why not chosen” for a minimum of 3 costing methods.Please devote at least 1 paragraph to the ethical considerations of costing methods.
there are five separate parts of this assignment and each part must be addressed, including the overhead allocation rate, which is needed for pricing your product. There is a template for this assignment, in the Unit 4 Learning Materials, that must be used. Be sure to include references as your last page. Remember that this is for a single order, so all of your costs will be custom to this one order, not averaged out, since yours is a custom, high-end product. This assignment will take more than a couple of hours to complete, so please start working on it, early, and be sure to either attend the live chats or view the archived chats to fully understand how to complete each part.

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