Timmy Tommy and Sara Saving Money Case Study Excel Worksheet

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1.Before trying to recreate the worksheet below you must understand where the numbers came from. Determine how the $4,620 was computed. What formula are you using? 2.Open Excel and format it similarly to the example below. Include a cell at the top for the growth rate of 10%. You will click on the 10% in your formulas!3.Recreate the spreadsheet below which tracks the growth of each person’s investment and extend it all the way down to age 65. You must take into account both the deposit and the growth rate of 10% each year and use formulas. You may insert extra columns if this helps you break the problem down into simpler pieces.4.Compute how much each person invested and how much each person gained in interest. Show each of these numbers in clearly labeled cells for each of the siblings. Who ends up with the most money at age 65?5.Experiment with various annual interest rates and see how this alters the outcome for question 4. Make sure to include a 10% return and 5% return in your comparison.6.Create a scatterplot showing both the 10% return and the 5% return for Timmy. Include trendlines and any other labels. Interpret the graph using complete sentences.7.Using complete sentences explain why the triplets might have chosen to invest their money in a mutual fund. 8.Explain using complete sentences why you think I chose this activity as a project.

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