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This week you will explore the tenets of behavior analysis

After reflecting on the required reading for this unit, choose one applied behavior analysis theory that was discussed, and find a peer-reviewed article about that theory. Read, reflect upon, and evaluate the information shared in the article. Be sure to address the following in your response:

What theory did you choose, and why?
What type of journal article did you read?
What did the authors discuss in the article?
How could you apply the theory in your future career?
Next, consider the career opportunities for ABA professionals. Choose the career option that you find most interesting, and explore it. Describe the career option in your post. Be sure to address the following:

Which career option did you choose, and why?
Where would someone in this role work?
What types of professional activities does someone perform in this role?
What requirements must a person meet to pursue this career option?

Readings required for this paper are online and in email.

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