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New York Times syndicated columnist Tom Friedman is one of the world’s best at identifying important trends regarding globalization. Rather than have you read his book The World is Flat, view his interview where he talked about globalization and the trends that are making world flat, fast and deep. To access the interview, click on this link:Thomas L. Friedman – The World’s Gone from Flat, to Fast, to Deep link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.2. Based on the trends mentioned in the video, respond to the following questions:A. How have you seen globalization and the flat, fast and deep world provide you or your employer with opportunities they wouldn’t have had previously. Give examples of what you mean.B. How have you seen globalization and the flat, fast and deep world impact you or your employer in a negative way? (If you are not currently employed, think about a company of interest to you.)C. Friedman suggests some upcoming trends. Discuss whether you agree with how they may impact people.D.What advice would you give to an American 18 years of age who wanted to thrive in a business career of the future? Be specific.

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