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The topic of Healthcare Ethics assignment help


You have been hired as an expert healthcare legal consult by large religious-based healthcare system todevelop a training module on the topic of "Healthcare Ethics". Recently the facility has experienced anumber of negative blows to it's overall public image due to a string of ethical violations that haveoccurred over the past five (5) years. Based on the terms of legal contract that you and the organizationagreed upon, below are the specifications that the health system has requested to include within themodule: Accompanying Materials Create an agenda that includes at minimum five (5) objectives as a measurement ofeffectiveness, the purpose of the training, along with the targeted audio (who will benefitfrom participating in the module)
 Layout of Module Design an actual forty-five (45) minute to one (1) hour virtual training module fordepartmental and organizational use on the topic of Healthcare Ethics (the intent is for afuture mandatory automated training; therefore audio is required) The module can include clip art, links to additional sources Must include recorded audio of each presentation’s slide Topics must include a minimum discussion on the following: employees, patient care,importance, alignment with the mission, the vision of and values of the organization, define anddiscuss ethics, compare and contrast ethics, morals, and values, it's impact on decisionmaking, measures to ensure employees practice and adhere to high ethical standards,impacts (financial, legal, reputation-wise in the event an issue occurs), outcome to expectin the event an employee is non-compliant. assess their knowledge and understanding throughout the completion of the module (atminimum incorporates three (3) – four (4) assessments that must include a post-assessment (final assessment) Incorporate real-life current healthcare ethics events as supporting evidence (forexample, links to cases, news reports, article write-ups, etc.)
 Assessment(s) To assess the level of knowledge and understanding of participants throughout thecompletion of the module, design at  minimum three (3) – four (4) assessments (that mustinclude a post-assessment (final assessment) periodically placed within the module
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