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*NOTE: 2-3 sentanses would do it. No need for more than 4. In a legible, comprehensive, and professional manner please answer the following questions below as they relate to workers’ compensation in Idaho. Question #1In Idaho, what fraction of an employee’s income is compensated?Question #2In Idaho, what happens to an employee’s workers’ compensation benefits if the employer goes out of business?Question #3In Idaho, if an injured worker is not able to perform the same job, does an employer have any obligations for retaining a new job?Question #4In Idaho, for the establishment of workers’ compensation premiums, what industries are considered to be most hazardous (top three)?Question #5In Idaho, is worker’s compensation voluntary or mandatory?Question #6In Idaho, are there any employers who are excluded from participation in a workers’ compensation program?Question #7In Idaho, what options do employers have to provide workers’ compensation to their employees?

Question #8 In Idaho, what factors affect the rates that an insurer charges an employer?*sources you might need to use Please look through the State of Idaho Industrial Commission webpage. In particular, please go to the injured worker page. When your are there look at the following tabs Facts for injured workersBenefits Frequently Asked QuestionsInjured worker frequently asked QuestionsAlso go to the rehabilitation services

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