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Strategic Importance of Information in Camp Bow Wow Dog Park Summary Report

Question Description

The observation journal is due in Learning Block 4-3. Throughout Theme 2, there are three opportunities to work directly on different elements of the
observation journal.
1. In learning block 2-4, you submitted your comparison template. You will use this to create your observationjournal.
2. In learning block 3-2, you participated in a discussion using the ads you chose in support of your summative work. You can use your answers from this
discussion when completing your observation journal.
3. In learning block 4-3, you will work to finalize your observation journal and submit it to your instructor for grading. This learning block also includes an
Observation Journal Checklist that you can use to ensure you have met all the requirements of this project. You can also review the Observation Journal
Exemplar for guidance in how to complete this assignment. Your instructor is available to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have as
you work to finalize your observation journal.
Guidelines for Submission: This submission will contain your completed observation journal. Submit your observation journal as a Microsoft Word document.

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