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The essay should be a minimum of 1500 words for submission but more than 3000 words will be expected in the top scoring submissions.Description & Requirements: Theories of psychology are, in many ways, a product of the context that they come from. We have discussed the role of culture, cohort, and environment in identifying factors that create differences in behavior and thought. A robust theory of psychology can address universal (culture free) and individual (culture specific) differences in explaining the “how”and “why” of behavior. For this assignment, students will be addressing the following cultural scenario and will need to utilize psychological theories from the course from this new point of view to address the topic: Television images, movies and glamour magazines promote the elderly as role models. Your sense of self-esteem is tied to how “old” you are perceived as, with success in work and relationships based on age related criteria. Younger members of a group are marginalized and clear messages about the value of age are communicated with even very young members of society (children). There are industries in your society dedicated to helping provide society with valued markers of age (think hair dye, plastic surgery to age individuals younger in appearance and senior communities). Imagine what your experiences would have been growing up and how your sense of identity would be like as a college student if you had not had these cultural experiences. Think about the way society has changed as a result of these cultural experiences. For instances, retirement communities are a new concept developed for the Baby Boomers. Nursing homes did not really exists until recently and have only begun to be built in Japan. I am looking for your critical thinking and application of theory as to why these experiences influenced society and the application of theory in research in your essay. THE AMOUNT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT WILL SHOW $1. THIS IS ONLY TO CONFIRM TUTOR. IN ALL HONESTY! FRIDAY AFTER COMPLETION, PAYMENT WILL INCREASE TO $50

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