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Religious Discrimination and American with Disabilities Act Arguments

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Doc and Class:I choose to discuss impressionism in a painting. Realism is what we see and impressionism is how we see. Impressionist artists showcased a new way to observe and depict the world in their work, foregoing realistic portrayals for fleeting impressions of their surroundings (Richman-Abdou (2017). In last week’s Rubens discussion, we all picked a painting of Rubens’s work to talk about. Many of us covered both realism and impressionism unknowingly when we were able to explain what the painting we picked was and how some of the key concepts impacted the work. Impressionism is a movement of art that was started by the French in the 19th century. Impressionist art is painted with a lot of color, which are bright and vibrant and most of their pictures are outdoors. Claude Monet was the initiator, leader and unswerving advocate of the Impressionist style (Seitz, 2018). One of his artwork that really caught my attention was “Poppies” also called “Poppy Field” which was painted in 1873. The canvas has bright and lively colors. It demonstrates a nice day out in a big poppy field where two women and two children seem to be going to a walk. They are all wearing hats which may indicate that it is probably a hot summer day. The painting shows the vibrant atmosphere that impressionism aims for with the red dominating one side and the bluish green with a tinge of yellow covering the other.References:Richman-Abdou, K. (2017). How Impressionism Changed the Art World and Continues to Inspire Us Today. My Modern Met.Seitz, W. (2018). Claude Monet: French Painter. Britannica. Reply Reply to Comment

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