Rear Window Film Annotated Bibliography Paper

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It is the same question with last time. But last time you are using peeping tom which we saw it in class. So this time plz pick another film to do this assignment. thank youPlz read instruction carefully !!!plz read this carefully!!!!
a. Choose an essay topic. Your bibliography must reflect the topic of your essay. This will reduce your workload and also get you thinking early about your essay.b. Compile your bibliography. The number of sources you will need will depend upon your topic, but I recommend that you have no fewer than three and no more than six, beyond those you have chosen from our text. If you find yourself with more your topic is too broad; if you have less, your topic is too narrow to sustain an essay of the required length.c. Assemble and format your bibliography according to Joseph Gibaldi’s Modern Language Association Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. It is essential to the assignment that you consistently use this bibliographic style.d. Annotate your bibliography. An annotation is a brief description of the text which summarizes the main issues and indicates the text’s importance to your essay. Each bibliographical entry plus its annotation should be a substantial paragraph. Your entries should be arranged in a recognizable and relevant order, i.e. hierarchically according to importance, chronologically/historically etc. You must provide me with a brief preface to your bibliography (of one paragraph) indicating your essay’s prospective thesis, a justification for the ordering your bibliography and a rationale for including the particular secondary sources you have chosen.e. Method: how do you go about finding material relevant to your topic? Here are some suggestions for getting started. i. Browsing, on foot in the stacks and via the catalogue. The library terminals enable you to do sophisticated searches—learn to use them! ii. Bibliographies, indexes and footnotes of other books, such as your textbook. iii. Reference books. The library’s reference section has many film reference guides, dictionaries and bibliographies, and the reference staff are very approachable. iv. Periodical indexes. Also available in the library are indexes like the Film Literature Index which lists journal and other articles according to author, filmmaker, subject, film title etc.TOPICS1) With reference to a specific film, compare and contrast Christian Metz’s and Laura Mulvey’s accounts of voyeurism, fetishism and identification. Which is more useful? How and why?

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