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10 pt font 1.5 spacingDescribe what is being done in Lagos in order to accommodate growth from an already whopping 13 million inhabitants to 88 million by 2100.
In addition, Chapter 7:Page 438 questions 1, 8:438.1. What are the main physical geographic features in Central Africa?438.8. What are some of the main women’s issues in Central Africa?Page 457 questions 4, 5:457.4. How have Kenya and Tanzania attempted to preserve and protect the environment?457.5. Where is the Serengeti Plain? How does it bring national wealth to its home countries?Page 475 questions 6, 7, 9:475.6. How did the Cold War influence Southern African countries?475.7. What economic condition plagues most developing countries that seek aid from the IMF and the World Bank?475.9. How has the policy of apartheid affected South Africa? When did apartheid officially end? textbook link for questions

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