Quantitative and Qualitative Summary (Abstract)

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Hello i am trying to edit this draft for my final paper and add more information to it, i provided the instruction and the outline, but please i need you to edit it tooThe final product for this class is a research paper of approximately 20-25 double-spaced pages in length, with Times New Roman, 12 pt font and standard 1” margins, with a cover page, introduction, conclusion, complete citations, and a bibliography. You may use any academically recognized bibliographic style (Chicago, MLA, APA, Bluebook, etc.), as long as you consistently use the same style throughout your research paper.
OUTLINEThe following areas are covered in the paper.1)Introduction2)Syria background3)Refugee Resettlement ChallengeA. Neighboring Countries and Challenges (add stories of refugees and their challenges)B. National SolutionsC. Refugee Resettlement According to International ProtocolI. Proving Past PersecutionII. Acts Committed by the Government ( which is crimes committed by the government)III. Establishing Well-Founded Fear of PersecutionIV. Persecution on Account of Five Protected Grounds4) Food Insecurity ( you can add stories )A. Solutions5) Health Crisis (you can add stories)A. Solutions6) Conclusion

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