PUBH 8315: Economics and Financing of Public Health Systems

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Instrucciones para una COMPOSICIÓNFOLDER 2 – Capítulo 6 Parte 11. NAME & TITLE: Put your name, date, title of the essay at the top.2. DOUBLE SPACE3. VERBS: Useonly verbs from your text (p. 39, 75, 111, 149, 183, 215).Use the present tense only. POINTS will be taken away for any verb tenses which are not expected at this level of study (including the future, past, perfect, or subjunctive verb tenses). To speak into the future, use “ir a”. (e-text página 96)4. NOUNS and adjectives: that are not in this text – may still be used. You may look up any nouns or adjectives you need.5. ACCENTS (á) and TILDES (ñ) matter. (see: “Accents” Information Folder on Bb Home Page)6. PUNCTUATION matters: capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, period at the end of a sentence, commas when needed, no run-on sentences.7. NO ENGLISH – no English words, no English translation8. WRITE 50 to 55 words in Spanish.9. TOPIC: Choose ONE TOPIC – 1. Costa Rica OR 2. Penguins OR 3. Favorite food. • Use the sources provided: videos in Bb Folder2; your text chapter 6.• If you chose other sources, please cite them at the bottom of the composition.• The writing must be factual (not fictional) & original (not copied). Gracias.10. To SUBMIT : Attach and Upload your composition in a Word Document and Submit. (Must be a Word Doc.)1. El Ecotourismo en Costa Rica (Thisisyourtitle.)Source: e-text página 166Source: e-text páginas 178-179Source: Video de cultura sobre Costa Rica2. Los Pingüinos Humboldt de La Patagonia (Title)Source: e-text página 194Source: e-text páginas 210-211Source: Wikipedia – Humboldt PenguinsSource: Video de cultura sobre los pingüinos3. Mi comida favorita(Title.)? Write about your favorite food(s), or your favorite meal.? Explain the ingredients. ? Tell if you cook it – and how you cook it; or tell if someone else prepares it.? Tell why you like it; when was the last time you had it.? You may tell a short story on this topic.? Use as much vocabulary as possible from page 187.

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