power point presentation of Donatello the Italian artist

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For this discussion, you will be using the population growth equation found in the Required Reading for this week. In particular, your task is as follows:Use the population growth equation to determine the expected population for a state (not already chosen by another student) in the year 2050. Make sure to cite any outside sources used to determine the current growth rate.Determine when the population will double (i.e., Doubling Time, T).Discuss additional examples of real-world contexts that can be modeled using exponential or logarithmic equations.In your responses to peers, compare your results and comment on their additional examples.The exponential growth model is:Here is the equationP(t)=P0ekt, k>0Pt=P0ekt, k>0We use letter P for population here. It is a general term and could relate to other amounts. P(t)Pt – population at time tP0P0 – the initial populationkk – growth rate

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