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PMG370 CSU Nonprofit Organization Fundraising Plan Portfolio Project

Question Description

For this portfolio project option, choose a nonprofit organization in your community to create a fundraising plan. Your plan should include the following sections:Overview: An overview of the fundraising activities for this organization and a justification of each activity (four to five pages);Plan: A plan that includes SMART goals, objectives, a timeline, and who is responsible for each of the goals/objectives (two to three pages);Summary: A summary with a suggestion of one grant that the organization could apply for that includes a summary of the criteria the organization must meet to apply for the grant (one to two pages); andBudget: Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet with a fundraising budget (one page).Your plan should adhere to the following standards:Be eight to ten pages in length, not including the title or reference pages. Note the page requirements for each section.Integrate concepts, terms, and theories from the readings and module content.Seven- to ten-line fundraising budget sheet in Excel.Include at least five academic references to support the overview and justification of the fundraising activities you featured. MUST FOLLOW APA GUIDELINES. Review the Portfolio Project Grading Rubric for the areas you will be graded on.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————DEAR WRITER, I LIVE IN SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. PLEASE CHOOSE A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION THAT IS IN SAVANNAH OR GEORGIA.

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