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Chose and develop one of the following essay questions,into a 2000 to 3000 words (minimum 8 pages)double-spaced Word document, 12 point character.In Book 1.13 of the Ethics, Aristotle claims that there is a part of the soul that “listens to and can obey reason” in the same way in which “something can listen to a father”. He later, in 3.12, claims that just like a child who lives in accordance with desire needs to come under the guidance of a tutor, “so too is the desiring part of the soul related to reason”.In your essay clarify Aristotle’s view about the childlike nature of desire and its place in his account of the virtues. Optionallycompare and contrast Aristotle’s position to Freud’s psychology in The Ego and the Id. Aristotle argues that the practical deliberation necessary to virtue is “not about the ends but about the means to the ends” (111b12). However, in Book 6 of the Ethics he apparently changes his position when we read that the practically wise person is not so with regard to some particular area but with regard to human life in general. In your essay defend the argument Aristotle makes in Book 6 and explain the reasons for this shift in perspective within the Ethics. Aristotle says that the best friendship is like loving oneself because the friend is another self. Write an essay explaining and defending Aristotle’s claim. [Pay particular attention to the distinction Aristotle draws between selfishness and the right kind of self love].In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle accounts for happiness (eudamonia) as “a certain sort of activity of the soul in accord with virtue” (1099b26). Explain what Aristotle means when he says that happiness is a certain way of being active, and in fact the best one. [Pay particular attention to the claim he makes at the end of the Ethics that the life of theory is the best and the happiest life].

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