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Palomar College Deception and Nuremberg Code Discussion Board Response

Question Description

Please read the PDF file on deception and the nuremberg code and then write a response answering the questions below. This is going on a discussion board, not an essay. Here are the Questions for Discussion Board 1:1. Think of and describe a noncontroversial topic that would require some deception in order to collect unbiased data from participants. 2. Stanley Milgram’s (1963) famous experiment demonstrated that authoritative people could coerce ordinary people into obedience. Milgram’s findings were groundbreaking but controversial because he deceived his participants. An institutional review board (IRB) would probably decline his proposal if he were conducting the experiment today. However, given that his findings ultimately benefited psychology, is it important to support similar experiments wherein participants are deceived, seeing as they could result in important evidence? Can you think of a possibly controversial experiment that would be more beneficial to society than harmful to participants?

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