NUR3846 Miami Dade College Personal Nursing Philosophy Paper

Question Description

Write your own unique personal nursing philosophy.Your paper should:Your Personal Philosophy must address and have the following Topics Headings:



Key Concepts

Explain the key concepts of your philosophy/theory.


Describe the four (4) Metaparadigms of nursing as you view them and how they apply in your own practice area.

Nursing Process – Philosophy

Express how your philosophy could be applied to your present nursing practice, research, administration and/or education.

Nursing Process – Strengths & Limitations

Elaborate on your philosophy’s strength and limitations.

Original Work

Paper must be your original work.

Paper Format

Paper should be no more than four (4) pages long, double space and typed in Microsoft WORD file.

APA Style

Paper should adhere to APA style (includes introduction, body, conclusion) with correct grammar spelling are expected.

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