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NTC248 Phoenix Security and Business Continuity Considerations Project

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Assignment Instructions:Answer the following questions:Map the layers of the TCP/IP model to the OSI modelEach layer of OSI has a body/group that is responsible for the standards, please name themDescribe the progression through the OSI model of the following:A web browser request and connection to www.cnn.comAn email being sent from Outlook on a Windows machine from your APUS email account to ceo@google.comSubmit these assignments as a single Word documentSubmission Instructions:

Assignment is to be submitted via the assignment drop box in the classroom.Assignment Grading Criteria Assignment Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsAppropriate use of terms, correct spelling and grammar 1Uses external resources validating position with applicable knowledge 1.5Completion of required tasks 2Compliance with APA Style Formatting .5 Total Points: 5.0

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