New England College Disaster Recovery Strategies Research

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Week 9 Discussion: Improving customer experienceHow can IT improve the customer experience. Use your own experience as good or bad examples.Forum rules:Post your answer to the forum questions by 11:59pm EST on ThursdayYour answer must be substantive, which usually requires 300 words or moreYour answer must be well written and well organizedYour answer must include one properly formatted APA in-text citation to a scholarly reference. The full reference must be provided at the end of your answer with a link if one is available. No attachments will be gradedYour replies should be meaningful, which means they should engage your classmate in discussion focused on the forum questions. Usually this requires 150 words or more.Post two replies to your classmates by 11:59pm EST on SundayNo forum posts made after 11:59pm EST on Sunday will be graded

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