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Background: Northwestern Pennsylvania provides myriad perspectives on and avenues for exploration of energy resources and energy issues. Historical, contemporary, future, controversial, conventional, unconventional, extractive, renewable, innovative and beyond, a wide array of energy resources and issues are connected to our corner of the state and nearby environs. We will consider many of these as part of this assignment. The Exercise: The topic: contemporary conventional oil and gas some research and write a short description of the topic (> 1 page but < 2 pages; 1” margins, 12-pt font; 1 ½ spaced), highlighting its significance to the local energy panoply. You are welcome to include a diagram and / or a picture with your written description (to aid your cause!). You may want to contact personnel directly linked with these topics and gather some first-hand information from them! Hop online (reliable, high-quality sources only!), contact via email, make some phone calls, do some digging... Think in terms of the basic questions: Who, what, where, why, when, how, and any special issues and/or importance / significance

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