Your story should follow the plot outline below. 
Step 1: Build the World 
Who are the main characters? Where do they live? When? Select a date that is just on the other side of plausibility. 
Step 2: Insert Technology Inflection Point 
Choose a technology you are worried or excited about. What happens in the story that causes that same concern or excitement? 
Step 3: Explore the Ramifications 
What are the consequences of the inflection point or conflict? How are the characters or setting affected? 
Step 4: Insert Human Inflection Point 
How do the main characters adapt to what is going on? How do they change? What decision do they make? 
Step 5: Reveal What We Learned 
How does the setting or the main character change as a result of their reaction or interaction with the technology? theincediblecomputershrinkage.docxPosted: 2 years agoDue: 20/04/2018Budget: $40

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