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Homework-9 All problems are from the Levine – Text-Book – Edition 8For this HW you can use EXCEL Functions, DATA ANALYSIS TOOL-PAK (Add-in) OR PHstatChapter 10 : Problem Numbers 10-9, 10-21, 10-23Excel files attached Submission:This assignment can be done by any one of the alternatives listed below.Do it manually on paper/pencil… scan and attach as 1 pdf documentUse excel – charts and simple EXCEL calculations and attach 1 excel workbook (each problem on separate worksheet)Use Analysis Toolpak and attach 1 EXCEL workbookUse Phstat to do the HW ( if you do not have the access code-do the above 2 methods) and attach one excel workbookYou are allowed to submit the assignment multiple times(4) until the due-date. Only the last submission will be graded.

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