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Each of us may have learned something different this week that we read. It could have been a situation that we experienced recently and a decision making aid was particularly helpful to us. Perhaps it was a personal, family or even an employment decision that we made in the past or a pending decision that we know we must make in the future. Or, we may have read something that reminded us of someone who continually makes bad decisions and then asks why he/she keeps reaping bad results. For our discussion this week, decide which of the following that you would like to answer in your initial post and then reply to your classmates later in the week. Select one, or any combination of the following, that will benefit you the most at this point in your life.1. What did you learn from our study this week that was a real-world dilemma? Explain how to think critically as a leader in your initial post.2. Based on our learning this week, what would you recommend to people or business leaders who continually make mistakes in their decisions? Would a strategic application work better? If so, which one?3. Many times we delay making a decision because we do not want to make the “wrong” choice. After a period of time, is avoiding a choice a decision itself?4. If you identify any Learning Objectives in our reading this week, share it with your classmates in a reply. Our syllabus lists our Learning Objectives in Section 2.Be sure to include Biblical integration and perspective in at least one post before the end of the week. This can include our reading from the book of Timothy II. Verse 6 says that, “The husbandman that laboureth must be first partaker of the fruits.” This does not seem to support high salaries for CEOs, does it? As we learn from our reading, leaders who reward followers or laborers with the fruits of their profits and the business is successful. This is just one example of how managers can follow Jesus and his disciples’ ways. If the verses that apply from this week’s reading have already been posted by a classmate, scripture from other parts of God’s Word can contribute too.Heath, Chip and Heath, Dan. (2013) Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and WorkU.S.: Crown Business. ISBN: 9780307956392Harnish, Verne. (2012). The Greatest Business Decisions of All Timeby Verne Harnish & the Editors of Fortune, Forward by Jim Collins. New York. Published by Fortune Books. Print ISBN: 9781603204415, 1603204415 e-text ISBN: 9781603204415, 1603204415Read: from the Decisive book, Chapter 2. Avoid a Narrow FrameThe Introduction and Foreward by Jim Collins from The Best Business Decisions of All Time
The Biblical book of Timothy II, chapter 2, verses 1-19.
For the Case Study Assignment: Chapter 1 of The Greatest Decisions of All Time, “Apple brings back Steve Jobs”200 – 300 WORDS
Course Learning Outcomes(with match to Program Outcomes)Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:Examinethe relationship between critical thinking and decision-making and how the leader can determine effective solutions.Explain how they reached their decisions and how they would implement them in the organizational context. Examine the processes and models used by good (ethical and effective) leaders to know when and how to make sound and practical decisions and how to implement them within the organization to solve problems.Evaluate various decision-making techniques and problem-solving models and how these represent actual decision processesEvaluate resources in terms of their usefulness for problem solving in various organizational scenarios.Explore the relationship between critical thinking and decision-making and how the leader can determine effective solutions.Explore the processes for recognizing problems, investigating and collecting relevant information, generating alternatives, assessing them, and leading the group or organization to commit to a good decision and its effective implementation.Explain the factors influencing decision implementation in an organization.

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