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ISSC456 Central Texas College Week 1 Fixed and Removable Disk Drives Paper

Question Description

TOPIC 1: Market SegmentationMarket segmentation allows for the customization of products and services. This article lists bases for segmentation in the consumer and industrial markets.http://www.netmba.com/marketing/market/segmentation/How does this article relate to your project? Why is it important? ( Project description to help answer the question: You will research and prepare a marketing plan for a market follower with the objective of gaining significant market share over the next year. The subject of your marketing plan will be determined based on the results of the competitive analysis assignment. ) Also, please see attachment. The document has the topic of my project.
TOPIC 2: Target Market Selection
Targeted marketing is the follow up to market segmentation. This article describes targeting strategies such as single segment, selective specialization, product specialization, market specialization, and full market coverage.http://www.netmba.com/marketing/market/target/Does this impact your Marketing Plan? Why or why not?

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