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ISSC341 Central Texas College IP Model and OSI Model Layers Discussion

Question Description

Watch the video in this folder titled Earth Systems Interact to learn about how each of Earth’s spheres work together to create the Earth System.Locate a science news article available on the Internet that discusses a topic in which you can identify Earth’s spheres interacting. For example, an article on a hurricane would include interactions between the hydrosphere (hurricanes develop in the ocean), atmosphere (hurricanes are atmospheric storms), geosphere (erosion of the beaches), and biosphere (impacts to humans, animals and vegetation).There are many science news websites. Here is a good one for students: https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/ (Links to an external site.); here is one with links to many other science news websites: https://www.livescience.com/61995-best-science-websites.html (Links to an external site.)Write a short, 1-2 paragraph summary of the article.Write an additional paragraph on the various spheres involved in the article. Discuss how the spheres are involved citing specific examples from the article.Begin a new thread and paste your summary into the Message Box (do not attach a Word document).Include a citation for the news article (not just the link).

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