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For caspiano. Due Sat July 8 midnight central timeClass: Workforce Planning and StaffingBook: Staffing Organizations (Kindle edition)Chpt 11What are the positive consequences associated with a high predictor cutoff score?  What are the negative consequences?Under what circumstances should a compensatory model be used?  What should a multiple hurdles model be used? What are the advantages of ranking as a method of final choices over random selection? Chpt 12What are the advantages and disadvantages to the sales approach in the presentation of the job offer?Ethics Issue – A large financial services organization is thinking of adopting a new staffing strategy for entry into its management training program. The program will provide the trainees all the knowledge and skills they need for their initial job assignment after training. So the organization has decided to do college recruiting at the end of the recruiting season, hiring those who have not been fortunate enough to receive any job offers, paying them a salary of 10% below market, and providing no other inducements such as a hiring bonus or relocation assistance. The organization figures this strategy and employee value proposition will yield a higher percentage of offers accepted, low cost per hire, and considerable labor cost savings due to below market salaries. Evaluate this strategy from an ethical perspective.APA format. Use both book and outside references
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