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HUM325 Columbia College Affording Health Insurance Service Plan Paper

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In 2–4 PagesAssignment DetailsYou are a senior network engineer and have been called upon by the CIO to tackle a significant problem for your organization. Network performance has degraded over time, and business managers and users are complaining that this issue is resulting in a loss of productivity. You have been asked to prepare your strategy as to how you will address the problem.
Explain the methodology you would use to identify the symptoms of sub-optimal network performance.
List the types of troubleshooting tools and techniques you would use to determine the root cause of the symptoms identified.
Form a hypothesis, and provide a summary of what you suspect will be uncovered through your troubleshooting methods. What problems do you expect you will find, and what countermeasures do you expect will need to be taken to address them?
In consideration of the cloud services utilized by your organization, explain how you will also analyze cloud performance.Please reference your work

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