HRM6645 Troy University Human Resource Strategy Cases Analysis

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1. Case 5 analyses: you need to choose 1-2 answers in the last five questions I sent you.
The Individual and Team mini cases provide opportunities to apply content from the assigned reading to specific situations. Your recommendations should ultimately be based on best practice; research; textbook, video or related articles, not merely your opinion. Reference textbook page numbers and other sources. For all but the Soco Metal case, use the following structure:StructureProblem Identification (brief)Analysis – discuss in some detail the dynamics contributing to the problem identified along with the critical variables. Options (three, including ‘do nothing’)RecommendationIdentify target audience – not your professor, rather, person in organization who has the authority to implement your recommended option.Identify assumptionsMake a persuasive case for adopting one of the three reasonable options in section II.ProcedureCase Analyses will be critiqued by your classmates and professor in a Discussion Forum.As in all business communication, be thorough yet succinct (as few words as possible while getting the job done).2. ResponsesAll students are to respond to two (2) Team submissions for each case whether or not their team is submitting. See Weekly Module assignments for due dates.(Please respond to the two sets of case4, just a simple and short response)

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