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Unit 8: Caribbean OverviewDuring our eighth unit we will be discovering the musical traditions of the Caribbean. Like our Latin American Unit, a major theme will be focused on new instruments and traditions that have evolved by blending European and African musical and cultural traits. We will explore the religious syncretism that exists in this part of the world, in which European and African religious systems are blended together to create new religions like Santeria and Vodoun (Voodoo). Different musical traditions from various islands will be covered including Rake n’ Scrape from the Bahamas, Calypso and Steel Bands from Trinidad Tobago, Afro-Cuban Rumba, Garifuna Punta music, and Merengue from the Dominican Republic. You will need to complete the following activities and assignments during this one-week unit:-Read Excursions in World Music Chapter 10: Caribbean. -Complete and submit the Caribbean Study Guide -Play the Caribbean Lecture Presentation, and watch all of the associated Video Clipsfound embedded in the presentation.-Submit your Final Discussion Board post and reply to fellow classmate’s posts. -Listen to all of the Caribbean Audio and follow the Listening Guides in the textbook. Audio examples ARE part of the Quiz. Listening activities are found throughout the Lecture Presentation and the textbook.-Submit your Caribbean Listening Journalabout one of the Audio examples associated with this unit.

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