geography 101

Migration and folk/pop culture (globalization of culture) issues in the news.  For migration, this is easy.  Anything with immigration (legal or illegal), refugees, human trafficking, etc will work.  For Folk/pop culture: things about “loosing traditional values”, homogenization of culture, preservation of folk culture, or ways “traditional ideas” are causing problems.  If you aren’t sure, you can always ask me.
Each of you will need to find a recent article (2017 or sooner) in the news connected to the topic of the unit.  For this discussion, you will need to do the following:
First Post

Write one paragraph summarizing the article
Write one paragraph responding to the article with your own reaction/opinion/insight.  This reaction should be about the topic of the article, and not the writing of the article in most instances.
Include a full citation in MLA or another format, not just the link to the website
Posted: a year agoDue: 21/06/2018Budget: $10

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