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A Plan for a Detailed Trip to one of the World Regions that we have studied this semester(NOT the U.S.)
Perhaps you would like to learn more about one of the world regions that we have studiedthis semester. Perhaps you are planning a trip to that region, or you have been there in thepast. If you choose this option, your task will be to plan a detailed trip to that worldregion. Plan a three-week trip to that world region, and in your final project, include yourdetailed itinerary and what you will explore in that world region. (You do not need to begoing to the region; you can also choose this topic and plan a hypothetical trip.) Be sureto connect your itinerary with the concepts from world regional geography (ieenvironment, society, and sustainability; history, economy, and territory; and culture andpopulations) that we have addressed in our class and focus on detailed descriptions of theplaces/locations in the world region that you will visit.Posted: 2 years agoDue: 01/05/2018Budget: $10

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