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I need helps in Homework in WebAssign around 30 questions needs to solve.The subjects are :
Chap. 12.1 Three-Dimensional space
Chap. 12.2 Vectors
Chap. 12.3 The Dot product
Chap. 12.4: The cross product
Chap. 12.5 Equations of lines and planes chap. 13.1 Vector functions and space curves chap.13.2 Derivatives &integrals of vect. functs chap.13.4 Motion in space, veloc. & accel.
chap.13.3 Arclength and curvature. Chap. 14.1 Functions of several variables chap. 14.2 limits and continuity chap.14.3 Partial derivatives chap. 14.4 tangent planes & linear approximations Chap. 14.5 Chain rule Chap. 14.7 Maximum and minimum values Chap. 14.8 Lagrange Multipliers Chap. 14.6 Directional derivatives chap. 15.1 double integrals over rectangles chap. 15.2 Double integrals over general regions chap. 15.3 Double integrals in polar coordinates Chap. 15.4 Applications of double integrals Chap. 15.5 Surface Area Chap. 15.6 Triple integrals Chap.15.7 Triple integ. in cylindrical coordinates Chap. 15.8 Triple integ. in spherical coordinates Chap. 16.2 Line integrals Chap. 16.3 Fundamental Theorem of Line Integrals Chap. 16.4 Green’s Theorem Chap. 16.5 Curl and divergence Chap. 16.9 The divergence theorem

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