Discussion Questions discretion in policing.

Writing/Discussion Questions

Write an essay on (or discuss) discretion in policing. In this essay, define discretion, give examples, and discuss unethical and ethical criteria for the use of discretion. Find newspaper articles illustrating police use of discretion. Analyze the officer’s use of discretion in relation to the ethical systems described in earlier chapters.

2. Write an essay on (or discuss) community policing and whether it is likely to reduce or The Police Role in Society: Crime Fighter or Public Servant? to encourage unethical actions by police officers. Utilize current research to illustrate whether or not community policing is growing or declining in popularity.

3. Write an essay on (or discuss) racial profiling.

Review current cases of racial profiling. Discuss whether racial profiling should be used to deter or prevent  terrorism. Discuss whether racial profiling should be used to deter or prevent illegal immigration.

4. Write an essay on (or discuss) the two perceptions of the police officer—crime fighter or public servant. Consider various police practices and innovations as supporting one or the other role.

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