Differences Between The Classical Era And Hellenism

The differences in the Classical Era and Hellenism are as follows. The Classical Era is one of order and balance in what we do and the way they do things. The Classical Era is one of building self-confidence at the time of artistic and intellectual achievement. The Classical Era covered areas like drama and historiography, town planning to medicine, painting and sculpture to even mathematics and government. The Classical era was a time where to achieve order one must see how our own motives effect our understanding why people act the way they do. The Hellenistic Era is one of spreading the Greek influence. Hellenism was a time for learning. This is a period of the visual arts and that of the teachings of Buddha. Hellenism is an era where discovery of new subjects and techniques. This era is known for its’ marketplaces and theaters as well as for science and technical buildings while the Classical Era was building temples. The Classical Era was a time of order while the Hellenistic Era was a period that the citizens worked for whoever was paying them for their work and not just humanity and the gods and the Hellenistic Era was for freedom. You’re lucky! Use promo “samples20”
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The Fateful Wars of Carthage

The sense that the war with Carthage were inevitable because The Roman Empire under Julius Caesar and even Nero were gaining power and more territory at the cost of the Roman citizens and the people of Carthage. These leaders thought that they were divinely appointed rulers of the world. Their mission is to spread the Roman culture in all directions. This is called the ‘Romanization’ of the world. The Romans were the reason we received the knowledge from the Greeks. The Romans brought and spread Christianity as the national religion. They believed their strengths lay in good government and military prowess and not the artistic and intellectual attainments. Carthage had no loyalty to the Roman Empire in dealing with economics, politics and religion. Carthage is a nation that believes that for every person one must be true to themselves. These wars were bound to happen for the Roman Empire was getting too big and they needed more of everything to serve their own army by using people in other countries and by taking away the hard earned money of their own citizens and they were tired of giving everything to the government and its’ beliefs.
Fall of Roman Empire

The fall of the Roman Empire is simple yet complicated. The Romans wanted to control the world with their politics, religion and economics. They also wanted to control the artistic ways of living. Art and Literature were to be done for the government. The Romans became over-confident with their ways and ideas of running their empire under Julius Caesar and even Nero. One of the reasons the “Roman Empire” fell was for the changing character of the army for the Roman government to keep it growing they had to recruit people from other countries that they were fighting and these people held no loyalty to the Rome. The economy started to fail because of the need to pay the military that they needed to fight for the empire. The Persians were increasing their power. The Romans tried to keep their power by placing more powerful controls in social and administration and economics. The Roman Empire had a lead towards the end of the battles for the new leader never appeared in public. The new leader now has new claims of having semi-divine status that gave him a new religious authority, so that there could not be any new assassination attempts. These are some of the reasons that the Roman Empire fell. The Roman Empire got too big for their britches in all aspects of leading people.

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