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Peer Response 1:A popular trend that has been happening for a long time is companies are moving to their systems being on the cloud. While this can save a lot of money with storage and workloads of the computers, it can also maximize threats and minimize their ability to control the security of these. They have stored all their data on a cloud storage company and that company has it’s own standards and security protocols in place to protect them. If you want to add additional security as you feel the current security measure aren’t enough these companies might not be able to based on the cloud company they have gone with. They could not approve of the protocols and security measures you want to be applied. If the cloud company changes something on their end but doesn’t update the company sharing their storage devices, that could create a potential for vulnerability as they don’t know the changes in time and can create opportunity for the right cyber attackers. This would affect government, businesses, and everyone who relies on cloud computer for their future endeavors. Although simple individuals might not be the main target, they still have the chance of being attacked just as well.Another popular trend that has been on the rise since movies introduced, “The Terminator”, is Artificial Intelligence. As A.I. gets more integrated into our everyday lives it is a trend that will change the industry. A few examples is stock market, agriculture, medical, advertising, and big data examination just to name a few. As it will slowly be in everything is a new dynamic of cyber security to monitor. There will be third party companies that monitor the A.I. to worry about, the different options a cyber attacker could take to access the A.I. in your system and what they could do with it. If you had A.I. monitoring your big data in a large company for similarities or reoccurring customers, that is a gold mine for a large amount of personal data. It needs to be addressed that it the A.I. also has a limited security access throughout their networks they put them on. They should have limited responsibilities based on what they need to accomplish. This will be again effect large companies, individuals, and definitely governments.Marcus References:(n.d.). Retrieved June 27, 2019, from…Atkinson, S. (2018, December 27). Cybersecurity Trends for 2019. Retrieved June 27, 2019, from…Moore, N. (2019, January 28). Three trends that will impact the future of cybersecurity for insurance. Retrieved June 27, 2019, from…
Peer Response 2:Hello everyone,This course was very beneficial to me and helped me learn many different trends in the cybersecurity world. I think one trend that will impact the future of cybersecurity is social media. Social media platforms are known for false news being shared around on it, and very little is done to prevent the creation of false media profiles. Social media provides an unprotected channel for data leaks, which entices people to excessively share confidential information, which feeds hackers with information they need in breaching organizations, allowing for the dissemination of lies used to impersonate people. Often, criminals impersonate real businesses or people and trick innocent parties into divulging or sharing personal information on these platforms, where their identities and information are stolen.Online payments, though they are fast and convenient, are another trend that I think will heavily impact the future. We hear of stores such as Target already being affected, where hackers were able to steal millions of people’s information. Companies are spending millions and millions of dollars on securing their websites where customer’s may have to input confidential information. However, the question is for how long will this cat and mouse game between hackers and these major corporations go on? Hackers are always trying to stay one step ahead, and some how they either succeed or come very close to succeeding. Sadly not everyone can afford to pay the monthly fee for additional security on their personal computers, which puts them at risk of having their personal information stolen too.References:Steinberg, J. (2019). How Social Media Impacts Data Security. [online] Future of Business and Tech. Available at:…

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