Chemistry 366 Determination of Metal Ions in Crude Oils

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Please convert temperature 25°C to Fahrenheit scale and Kelvin scale.
a) How much heat is needed to warm up a 1000-g steel block from 20°C to 100 °C? (c=0.11cal/g°C)
b) How much heat is needed to warm up a 1000-g water from 20°C to 100 °C? (c=1.0 cal/g°C)
a) In a thermodynamic system, gas expends from 1 m3to 3 m3while keeping a constant pressure 5000 Pa. How much work is done by the gas?

b) During this process, if the heat flows into the system is 12000 J, what’s the internal energy change of the system?4.Why is water always cooler than iron fence in summer?

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