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#256-Writer Choice

By Wednesday of Week 2, choose from the following prompts below and make an initial post consisting of thoughtful and relevant ideas (worth 5 points) concerning the reading for that week. By Sunday of Week 2 respond to two peer posts substantially and in a thoughtful manner (worth 5 points). Total 10 points.

1. Explain a character’s problem and then offer your character advice on how to solve his/her problem.

2. Explain how a character is acting and why you think the character is acting that way.

3. Copy a short passage that you found to be interesting. Explain what made it interesting for you.

4. Pick one character and explain why you would/would not like to have him/her as a friend.

5. Describe and explain why you would/would not like to have lived in the time or place of the story.

6. What real-life people or events are you reminded of by characters or events in the story? Explain why.

7. Write about what would happen if you brought one of your characters to school or home for a day.

8. Pick a scene in which you disagreed how a character handled a situation/person and rewrite it in the way you think it should have happened.

9. What quality of which character strikes you as a good characteristic to develop within yourself over the years? Why? How does the character demonstrate this quality?

10. Who tells the story? Is this the best person to tell it? Why?

11. How would the story be different if told through another character’s eyes?

12. Why do you think the author wrote this story?

13. If you were the author, would you have ended the story in a different way? Why? How so?

14. How does the character’s actions affect other people in the story?

15. How does the author provide information or details to make the piece seem realistic?


#234-Writer Choice

Team Assignment Details


You are part of a team of consultants that has been hired by the city manager of Friendship Township. The police department in Friendship is having organizational problems and the city manager needs help in rectifying this situation. Your team was hired because of your reputation and ability to implement organizational change. The city manager wants your team to assess the current culture in the Friendship police department and make recommendations on the organizational change needed to improve the culture. You will present your findings and recommendations in a PowerPoint presentation to the city manager.

Police Department Culture

To help assess the current culture, your team has asked the new chief of police to compile a summary of the issues in the Friendship police department. Download and read the summary.

Team Meeting

After reading the summary, meet with your team members, review the issues, and discuss the organizational change that could be implemented to help turn around the culture in the police department. A summary of this discussion and the recommended processes that the police department should implement to improve the culture should be included in your presentation to the city manager. Include research to support your recommendations.

Create the Presentation

Your presentation to the city manager should be 8–10 slides (excluding title and reference slides) with speaker notes. In your presentation, include the following information.


A brief summary of the information that will be presented.

Current Culture

Explain the current culture in the police department and include an assessment of:

Employee Morale

Work Habits

Major Behavioral Issues

Include artifacts and observed behaviors to support your assessment.


Present the organizational change that should be implemented to improve the current culture. Address the reasoning behind your recommendations and processes that you selected, explaining why and how they will help improve the police department culture. Include research to support your recommendations.

#211-Writer Choice

Review the Bystander Effect. (https://www.verywellmind.com/the-bystander-effect-2795899)

In 750-1,000 words, define and discuss the ways in which diffusion of responsibility, pluralistic ignorance, and victim effects can influence helping behavior. Include ways social and cultural pressure, and beliefs about “self” affect helping behavior.

Use two to three scholarly sources to support your thinking, your textbook can be used as one of the resources.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.

#253-BP oil spill of 2010

Research the BP oil spill of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. This event was obviously devastating to the wildlife and environment in the area and, to a certain extent, had global implications.

Respond to the questions below in essay format—not in question-and-answer format.

Did the company handle this situation correctly? Explain what it might have done differently.

From an environmentalism standpoint, did agencies handle this correctly? Explain your rationale.

How did the state government and federal government react? Are there additional public policies in place now to address these types of catastrophes?

With respect to public perception of BP, explain how the event and the subsequent reaction of BP influenced public opinion of the company. Do you think this had an effect on consumer buying of BP products?

Your response should be double-spaced and be a minimum of three pages in length. References should include a minimum of two credible sources. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased, and quoted material must have accompanying citations and be cited per APA guidelines.

#143-Thesis Statement

Thesis Statement

For this week’s Discussion, please submit your working thesis statement, which you will eventually use for your final essay due at the end of the term. Keep in mind this is a working thesis statement. During the Discussion, your peers will provide feedback and suggestions.

Once you have posted your debatable claim for all your classmates to see, choose two of your classmates’ persuasive thesis statements and provide counterarguments for each of the thesis statements. Please try and pick a thesis statement that does not have any counterarguments. In offering a one-sentence counterargument, keep in mind that a true persuasive thesis statement is debatable, and there are many counterclaims that could be used to challenge any thesis.

This will help you and your fellow students be better equipped to identify areas that you will need to address when defending your thesis statement in your essay, and as you complete it for peer review by the end of this unit.

Respond to one of the counterarguments your peers provided. Keep in mind that addressing a counterargument has two steps: You should first concede the argument. After conceding the argument, you should refute the counterargument by either examining the logic of the perspective or by including an outside source that demonstrates the counterargument is not valid.

#189-Writer Choice


Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research about interactive sociotechnical analysis (ISTA) and the five different types of sociotechnical issues. Based on your research, create a 6- to 8-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

An introduction and explanation of human factors and sociotechnical issues in medical informatics

An overview of the ISTA model

Key features of the ISTA model

Descriptions of the five types of sociotechnical interactions

Unintended consequences for each type of sociotechnical interaction

An in-depth description of any one of the five types of sociotechnical interaction factors from the ISTA model, including a rationale as to why the selected issue is important

A hypothetical example of a medical informatics issue at play for the sociotechnical issue you selected

A summary statement relevant to ISTA emphasizing on unintended consequences