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Discussion Post (Gun Control)

This discussion topic calls for deep research and careful thinking.  Use the library resources.  Gun Control is about as divisive and partisan an issue in America today like many others.  In your substantive contribution, you should share with your peers the ideas you have researched about gun-control. Provide one strong argument at least for each side to the debate in a first paragraph. In the second, state your own views and let your peers know what sources and ideas motivate your views.

Module 02 Course Project – Announce Topic Philosophers

The course project requires you to research and write an analytical paper comparing and contrasting the political views of two philosophers on: Who should govern – one, few, or many?

How are your two philosophers coming along? Take time to finalize your search for the two and write your faculty member a paragraph in which you announce their names and the one area of political thought for comparison. In a sentence or two, explain what draws you to this focus.

Needs to have 2 references.

Political Science 2 essays

Essay Section: Please create 2 essays (five full paragraphs please) from the choices provided below. Use our text seen where relevant to your argument. At least 1500 words for each.
Explain the process for deciding the Brown v Board of Topeka Kansas decision? Explain fully using previous precedent and strategies of the civil rights movement toward the 9-0 ruling in 1954.
What significance does the congress and president have upon the national budget and domestic policy? Explain fully

Political Ideology

What is the difference between “Classical Liberalism” as a concept and being considered a “Liberal” on the U.S. Political Spectrum?
 Ronald Reagan believed in small government.  Based on my lecture, how was his belief somewhat, not entirely, contradictory?
 Based on my lecture, how did the ideologies of President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush differ?
 Based on my lecture, which parts of Communism and Marxism are arguably still relevant today and which part(s) are not?

Civic 2

Please answer the following in 1-2 pages:

Find the names and party identifications of the members of congress  (US Senate and US House of Representatives) that represent you.  This  information can be found at www.votesmart.org.  

Look up the websites of one of the members of congress who represents you and report on where they stand on various issues

Based on what you find, explain whether you would or would not be  likely to support that representative or senator for re-election

Distinct Political Culture

400 words Due: 10/21/2018 @12am

RUBRIC: The paper is to be clearly connected; addresses all required elements in the assignment; reflects erudition, an in-depth analysis of the assignment, outside source material with proper citation. 

Assignment:  Answer each question below and give examples.
Is there such a thing as specific and distinct “political culture” that could be attributed to each and every nation-state? Does that matter for the study and/or practice of IR?  Give example(s).

200 world should be from your mind. not from internet

We know that the Earth has a carrying capacity but we really don’t know what size population the Earth can support before suffering deterioration. We also know that the Earth’s population will only continue to grow. If the population reached a point where it became a threat to the Earth, would you be in favor of limiting the population either with a policy similar to China’s one child policy or something else? Why or why not? What would you recommend to address the Earth’s growing population?

Please answer the following questions in 600-900 words (that is, 2-3 pages): Should the US have a national policy regarding

The question: Should the US have a national policy regarding deeply-contested, regionally-concentrated  controversies, such as abortion, or would we be better off letting different states have different regimes?

Answer should be in a form of answer: that is; you should begin by laying out what you think the answer to the question is, then presenting evidence in favor of that answer.  The best papers will look at other possible answers and say why what is wrong with those alternatives.

afro american politics

In a well written well thought-out out essay, explore Unappologetic and its connection to the political thinkers we have explored in class. You should explore at minimum the following questions : What does the author argue?, Who is the targeted audience? What does she use to support her arguments? Who is she attempting to engage in dialouge? Which political thinkers have influenced her work ( be sure to provide support for your answers). The book is Unapologetic by  Charlene Carruthers

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