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Conduct a comprehensive cultural and spiritual assessment on a patient that you see in your clinical experience this week.  If you were are not in clinical this week conduct this assessment on a professional colleague, friend, or family member.
Document the assessment in the context of a subjective data set that you will use as your discussion post.  Use one of mnemonics presented in this week’s lecture materials to guide your spiritual assessment.
 It is anticipated that the initial discussion post should be in the range of 250-300 words.

APA , Nursing

Review “What is trauma-informed care?” 
After reviewing the Organizational Transition to Trauma Responsiveness, provide examples from your own experience or from an organization with which you are familiar for each of the 4 Transitions: 


NUR 4636 – DB 4.5

Answers must: 
·  Be 100 words or more
·  Use the stand English grammar and spelling
·  References are cited (if necessary)
·  APA Format
Read the case study below and answer the following questions

Violence Affecting Families
Crisis is a temporary state of severe disequilibrium for persons who face a threatening situation. The community health nurse has been requested to follow up on domestic violence cases as part of the workload. The student nurse is accompanying the community health nurse on the visits. The community health nurse is assessing the student nurse’s current understanding of violence affectingfamilies by asking some theoretical questions concerning this critical issue.

The student nurse shares with the community health nurse that a crisis is a state that individuals can neither avoid nor solve with their usual coping abilities and occurs when some force disrupts normal functioning, thereby causing a loss of balance or normalcy in life. Crises create tension; subsequently, efforts are made to solve the problem and reduce the tension. The community health nurse asks the student nurse to identify and describe the two main types of crisis. What is a brief description of the two types of crisis?

The community health nurse has to follow up on an abuse case involving a child and adolescent. The community health nurse asks the student nurse what are the ages that child abuse occurs and how is shaken baby syndrome or Munchausen syndrome diagnosed?

Community health nurses use three levels of prevention when working with families. What type of focus is involved in the three levels of prevention?

People in crisis need and often seek help. Crisis intervention builds on these two phenomena to achieve its primary goal—reestablishment of equilibrium. What are the two major methods with a brief description of crisis intervention?

Dimensions 10

In this written assignment, identify one specific contemporary issue or trend that you are interested in learning more about. Choose from the categories below.

Global Healthcare and Nursing
Healthcare Reform
U.S. Healthcare Financing
Nursing’s Role in the U.S. Healthcare System
Integrative Healthcare
Nursing Leadership and Management
Nursing Education
Nursing Practice
Nursing Professionalism
Advancing Nursing as a Profession
Client Access to Care
Delivering Client Care
Interdisciplinary Teamwork and Collaboration
Ethical Practices in Healthcare
Quality and Safety in Healthcare Delivery
Health/Nursing Informatics

In a PowerPoint® presentation (no more than five slides not including the title and reference slides), include the following information:

Describe the issue you chose.
Discuss two significant facts about the issue.
Support the facts identified with at least one credible source.
Include the credible source(s) with your PowerPoint®.