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“Creating an Interface”  Please respond to the following:Imagine you are managing a design project that will create an interface for automobile mechanics. The interface would be used by the mechanics to look up various fixes and parts for any number of makes or models of automobiles that may come through their garage. Decide what usability measures would be most motivating when designing this interface and describe the unique challenges you would have to plan for when designing an interface for an automotive repair shop. Use supporting evidence to support your response.Physical, cognitive, perceptual, personality, and cultural differences introduce challenges when designing universally usable products. Choose one area from the list above and describe why it is the biggest challenge to overcome when creating universally usable designs. Support your response

I have an assignment which is a “Reflection Paper” 4 pages. related to Healthcare Information Systems.

….Paper Assessment (grading guide).
1. Level of clarity/flow and proper techniques in the writing: Excellent Good Needs Improvement
2. Content: Were all areas complete and with details/development.
3. Focus on HIS: Did the paper demonstrate a focus on HIS issues.
4. Reflection: Was the level of reflection highly detailed, moderately detailed, very little detail.

Fill in the blanks to this chart

IT Requirement Importance/
Low, or Not Applicable (N/A)Explanation for Ranking(Write a minimum of 3 good sentences for each; both the process to be improved and the case study should be mentioned in each explanation; the data used in the process should be included in the explanation where applicable.)1Usability  2Maintainability  3Scalability  4Reliability/ Availability  5Extensibility  6Portability  7Security  8Information Quality  9Authentication   10Business Continuity Plan  11Cloud Computing  12Enterprise Systems (ERP, CRM, SCM)  13Communications   14Database, Data Warehouse, Data Mining  15Business Intelligence  16Transaction Processing  17Decision Support  18Executive Information   19Business-to-Business eCommerce  20Business-to-Consumer eCommerce   Pretend that there is a hair cutting business and there is a store similar to yours being placed 5 miles down the road. All you have to do is fill in the blanks in regards to the importance of these 20 business traits and why they are important to the haircutting company and the assignment is complete. Cite the sources in APA. Thank you!

This is about using language compiler in info sys for managers.

1)    You need a language compiler to write a program for example C++ compiler. What is a language compiler and how would you download it. Answer the question and paste your snapshot(s) as evidence. ( +10 points)2)    How would you activate (start) the compiler and make a new file? Answer the question and paste your snapshot(s) as evidence +10 points3)    Write the simplest possible program (maximum 8 lines of code) which displays only your payroll’s company name- which includes your name. Make sure your program is not completely correct. Answer the question and paste your snapshot(s) as evidence +10 points4)    How would you compile your simplest payroll program?   Answer the question and paste your snapshot(s) as evidence +10 points.5)     How would you fix the syntax errors and add the necessary steps so that there would not be any syntax errors. At the end of trial and error, your program should include the followings that makes  the basic block of any C++ program: #include using namespace std;main(){cout<<” ..”<

Action Research (AR) Methodology

Action Research (AR) Methodology – 2 Pages  The Action Research paper must include:1.      Define and explain the Action Research (AR) Methodology including its application to technology research. 
2.      A discussion about the history of Action Research and application/uses along with its applicability to researching technology issues
3.      A transitional paragraph at the end of the section describing how Action Research is an appropriate methodology for Disaster Recovery & Data Security research you are doing.4.      4 professional (subject matter experts) or scholarly references.

Computing with Business Applications

course title : Computing with Business Applications You are required to prepare a small program that resembles information systems that human resource managers use in companies. This program will be about keeping a database of company employees with related information, and searching that database when necessary. The project helps you build up your knowledge as the semester progresses.The idea of the project is simple: your program will allow users to enter information into an excel sheet, and then search this information when required.The user will press a button to add a record; you will show a window/form where the user can add the ID, name, surname, phone number, and department of an employee.When the user presses the search button, another window will open that will allow the user to enter the employee ID and the program will search for this employee and display the information.Report 1This part of the project is for helping you develop your analytical skills. You know what the program is supposed. Now you have to think of HOW the program should do that. This part of the project is related to chapter one of your logic book.Think of this project explained above and prepare a flowchart that reflects the steps of the project. Add pseudocode to your flowchart that shows how this program will accomplish what it is supposed to accomplish.Two flowcharts are required, one for when the user presses the ADD button, and one for when the user presses the Search button. Make sure the pseudocode shows clearly the steps that will be done by the program.You will be graded on the correctness of your logic (exp. What to do in case the employee ID is not found.) and the correct use of the flowchart symbols. The report to be submitted is a word document (use the MS Word template provided). we are using these books  Textbook/material1: Programming Logic and Design (comprehensive); by Joyce Farrell, Eighth Edition, Cengage Learning2: VBA for Modelers: Developing Decision Support Systems with Microsoft Office Excel; by Albright 4th edition, South Western Cengage Learning PS: VBA excel