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security architecture and design

Zero: Describe the system (briefly!).  As in: I’m going to talk about the _____ system, which does this, that and the other thing.First: When we talk about confidentiality, we’re talking about unauthorized access to information.  That means there is (or at least probably is) authorized access to information.  For your system, what roles or people are there with authorized access – and what information can they see or use.  Is there anything special about their roles or their level of access?  Are there exceptions?Second: What (briefly) is the worst possible scenario you can think of for a confidentiality failure/breach?  What repercussions or impacts are there?Third: How – in technical or other terms – could (or can) you improve the security of the situation?  What measures or technologies would make sense?  Why?


Your spouse works at a middle school and reports rumors of a teacher, Zane Wilkins, molesting some students and taking illicit pictures of them. Zane allegedly viewed these pictures in his office. Your spouse wants you to take a disk image of Zane’s computer and find out whether the rumors are true. Write a report outlining how you would tell your spouse and school administrators to proceed. Also, explain why walking into Zane’s office to acquire a disk image wouldn’t preserve the integrity of the evidence.
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