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Self-Introduction Speech Outline

As a way of introducing yourselves to the instructor and your peers, please create a DRAFT of the self-introduction outline to be used as the notes/preparation for your Self-Introduction Speech that is also due this week.
The post should be written in a formal outline format and should introduce yourself to the class. To prepare the outline, use the “Example Self-Introduction Full-Sentence Outline” shown in the document attached below. Your outline should have enough content to deliver a 3-5 minute self-introduction speech.

APRN Protocols Ani

APRN Protocol Powerpoint Presentation

Students will develop a PowerPoint with  6 slides explaining the part of a APRN protocol or contract negotiation. The student will obtain a copy of the contract from preceptor or the internet and will demonstrated with examples their understanding of contract development.
The power point is just to reflect what is a collaborative agreement or protocol , when to be completed , the persons involved ( NP and physicians), what must be included in the protocol, why it’s required/ important.

Please APA Style
No pliagiarism

Module 2 psy PSY-311

You began the introduction of your community intervention proposal, working directly on the worksheet. What you accomplished:

You identified one mass media article and two scholarly articles.
You listed them as references with APA formatting.
You included the keywords from the two scholarly articles. 
You included your bullet- point notes for each article and put an in-text citation after each note.
Finally, you included one or two bullet-point notes of your own critique of the article content, your own commentary. 
You’ve got a solid beginning!

Sequence Diagrams: Hospital Management System

Sequence diagrams in analysis model the behavior of the system from the user’s viewpoint. Thus, sequence diagrams are a good “whiteboard” technique to capture the various usage scenarios described by users. For this week’s Critical Thinking Assignment, create a sequence diagram of a hospital management system. Include the following notations: actor, object, timeline, focus of control, message, self-message, return message, asynchronous message, object destruction, steps (in a sequence), and notes.
Provide sample pseudocode with your sequence diagram activity.

International Accounting final paper and presentation

Topic: Rolls-Royce’s International Scandal 

Requirement: Each student has been assigned a topic from the  (International Accounting Scandals) list, write a 5-page report for your final presentation and exam. Your report needs to include a cover page, Introduction, report body, conclusion with reference. Answer the following questions below. Papers plagiarized with not be accepted. Make sure APA Guidelines are followed.

Main players:
How they did it:
How they got caught:
Fun fact:

Will be need 5 page paper and 10 page slides.

Week 3 Discussion Post

After completing this week’s Learning Activities, respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

What are some of the different political influences and various stakeholder interests that exist in the federal government in terms of budgeting? Why are they important to understand? How can each of those political influences affect public budgeting?
What is an agency budget director’s perspective on budgeting and how might that differ from the legislative and executive perspectives on budgeting?

Needs to be in APA format and have at least 1 reference.

Women in Yisrael

Women in Yisrael/Judaism

The Tankh/Old Testament of the Bible shows some very powerful Yisraelite women.  

Write a brief exposition of the most significant, powerful, forceful, or dramatic action (or series of actions)

that the Yisraelite/Jewish woman did in the passage(s) indicated below.   

1-Miriyam – (Exodus 15).

2-Devorah – (Judges 4-5).

3-Yael (Jael) – (Judges 4-5).

4-Yudit (Judith) – (Yudit 10-13).

5-Huldah – (2nd Kings 22 & 2nd Chronicles 34).  

6-Hadassah (Esther) –

Discussion Question

“Awareness of magnetic healing is gaining credibility in the United States and is being applied by increasing numbers of conventional as well as alternative health care practitioners as an adjunct therapy” Fontaine, 2019). 
How would you increase awareness in you patients on magnetic healing and teach them the benefits of this type of therapy? 
Please use your textbook as, at least, one reference 
Please abide by APA 7th edition format in your writing. 
Answers should be 2-3 Paragraphs made up of 3-4 sentences each, at least 250 words (more or less) in length.

Political Science

1 page each (Double Space)
1 Reference each, no citation
no cover pages 
Discuss continuity/discontinuity in the developments of the major themes of the China’s foreign and security policy since the four modernizations of Deng Xiaoping in 1978. What can be the continuity or change of the China’s foreign, economic, and security policy in its regional and international relations under Xi Jinping?

 Assess the role of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) with its new members in 2017. How could the expansion affect the role of China in the Organization?

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