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GEOG101 Final Project

PPT Presentation Instructions

GEOG101 Final Project


Assignment Objective: Develop an audio-narrated PowerPoint presentation based on the research conducted in the attached Annotated Bibliography and Outline

*I will do the audio-narration after you complete the PPT and submit it to me.


Assignment Instructions: Using the attached Annotated Bibliography and Outline to develop the presentation.  The Annotated Bibliography and Outline are attached.  You will use these documents to complete this presentation.


Presentation requirements:

  • This presentation will be submitted as an audio-narrated PowerPoint.  I will auto-narrate it upon receiving it back from you.
  • There must be both text (in concise phrases) and visual elements (e.g., photos, videos, graphs, figures). You must include at least 2 relevant maps.
  • Must contain approx. 10-12 slides (including references) and run 6-9 minutes.
  • Less than 10% of your presentation should be direct quotes.
  • Proper use and pronunciation of geographic terminology are required.
  • Be sure to properly cite your work, both internal to the presentation as well as within the reference slide (this includes photos, graphs, figures, videos, etc.).
  • All references listed on the reference slide should be cited internally within the presentation, and vice versa.


Required elements: Your presentation should contain the following elements in the order listed below. Specific content for each section is detailed in attached Outline.

  1. Introduction– this section must contain your topic, why you chose your topic, and preview where your topic developed and diffused to.
  2. Body (Content)– this section must contain examine how your topic relates to four geographic concepts: regions, cultural landscapes, diffusion and distance decay.
  3. Conclusion Slide– this section must contain four to six points that sum up the main topics of the presentation.
  4. Reference Slide (and Internal Citations)– this section must contain the following:
    1. Internal citations– This is not just a separate section; rather, referencing should occur throughout the presentation via parenthetical citations anytime you paraphrase, make direct quotes, or use visual components from other sources. Please be sure to cite any language, images, videos, etc. in the presentation.
    2. Reference Slide– Your paper should also have a final reference slide listing at least 5 credible sources researched for your presentation.
    3. Do not include your summary from the Annotated Bibliography; simply list the references utilized in your presentation in APA format on the reference slide.

Different cultures have different ____ structures and distributions of ______.

? DO NOT email me your responses.
o A staple on the top left corner to hold the sheets together will be enough
o Bring them to my office (HSS 219) or give it to a responsible person in the Social Science Division
? This is an open-book (well, open-readings), open-notes test.
o There is always a chance that you might have to integrate your understanding of ideas across the
contents of more than one week.
? Thou SHALL NOT consult with anybody
o Violating this will result in severe penalties for the offenders.
? A well-crafted answer (per question) may be articulated in about 500 words
? In developing your answers:
o Bring in appropriate keywords/concepts, and evidence from the readings
? When discussing keywords/concepts, do not merely copy/paste them from websites;
explain your understanding of those ideas in your own words.
o Provide logical arguments that carefully examine the pros and the cons
? DO NOT merely provide your reflective opinions
? Avoid rhetorical statements and metaphors
? Answers should be word-processed and double-spaced
? Pay attention to the mechanics of writing
o Grammar, spell-check, etc.
Posted: 4 years agoDue: 05/11/2015Budget: $35

Geography Essay

Your task is to create a PowerPoint 
virtual tour that specifically deals with one country within a region of focus we explore in this course.( South Asia Countries:  India,Pakistan,Bangladesh; East Asia Countries: China, Korea,Japan; Central Europe: Austria,Germany,Switzerland,Poland)
For instance, you may be interested in Switzerland, in which case, your task would be to assemble a 
PowerPoint tour of Switzerland.  You can choose any of the one countries i mentioned above.
Your virtual field trip must be 10 slides total (plus a bibliography slide to make 11 total slides), must 
include at least 3 image slides (photos, maps, graphs, etc.) and 7 text slides that describe A) the country 
you chose & the region it falls in B) discusses the country’s major physical characteristics C) includes a 
discussion of human-environment interaction/environmental issues in the region D) includes a discussion 
of major socio-economic indicators such as literacy rates, employment sectors, life expectancy, GDP, etc. 
E) major human characteristics such as official language(s), dominant religion(s), recent political 
history, cultural history, etc. F) why you chose to examine your particular topic for a virtual tour.  
note, I do not want any timers on the slides as I like to look at each slide at my own pace.  Please be sure 
that you do not set any slide or presentation timers to your project-thank you in advance!
You need to list at the end of your power point your sources of information (as references cited in MLA 
format)  You need at least 5 references that are academic (not from an encyclopedia i.e. Wikipedia) All 
virtual field trip reports are due by the date indicated inPosted: 8 months agoDue: 03/05/2019Budget: $12Tags: geography

For Perfecto only G4

Your task is to create five different graphs
 HistogramCumulative frequencyFrequency polygonTime seriesScatterplotInstructions are on descriptive graphics lab S15 doc, Data points are on the two excel worksheets
 descriptive_graphics_lab_s15.docwashington_dc_rainfall.xlswashington_reagan_airport_precip_and_temp_data.xlsPosted: 5 years agoDue: 24/02/2015Budget: $10

when did canada become a country

Your task this semester will be to “adopt” one of the newspapers listed below and to explore how our geography course themes are being played out within another part of the world. Each of these newspapers has an English language version that is accessible on the Internet (addresses follow the newspaper title). Once you decide upon a part of the world and a newspaper that interests you, you are required to complete an assignment that is due near the end of the semester. START EARLY, because assembling your portfolio of news stories will take some time and it will require some thought to put your examples into the context of the course. You needn’t wait until we cover a particular portion of the world in class…feel free to browse the text in appropriate chapters to get a sense of what some key regional issues might be in a part of the world you wish to explore. The assignment has two parts and both are required for full credit: PART ONE (30 points): Assemble a portfolio of SIX articles from the newspaper (provide title of article, date, and copy of article) that you can argue are OUTSTANDING examples of timely issues/problems/events shaping that particular region AND which fit clearly into one or more of the course’s 5 regional themes (1) Environmental Geography, 2) Population and Settlement, 3) Cultural Diversity, 4) Geopolitical Setting, and 5) Social/Economic Setting). Articles must be dated since February 1, 2019. Choose articles that focus on stories within your region. (Don’t choose a Russian article that reports on a typhoon in China). FOR EACH OF THE SIX ARTICLES, also note which of the five themes (1 or more) best fit the topic (Environment, Population, Culture, etc) and write a one-paragraph summary of the article that makes such a connection clear. You may choose all your articles dealing with one theme (for example, environmental issues or geopolitics) OR you can vary it to include examples of any and all themes. USE ONLY ONE NEWSPAPER SOURCE. You will have a total of six summary paragraphs and six articles to turn in. PART TWO (30 points): Answer the following discussion question (about two double spaced pages (typed) total): How do recent issues and events in your region covered by the newspaper illustrate the general processes of a) “DIVERSITY” and/or b) “GLOBALIZATION” within your selected region? You can emphasize “diversity” or “globalization” in your discussion or you can explore how both are evident. You may want to revisit initial discussions of these ideas in the text (Chapter 1). For this discussion, you may certainly rely on MORE than just the six articles used above…you may also use examples/events discussed elsewhere in these newspapers. NEWSPAPERS – Choose ONE 1. Granma International (Cuba) http://en.granma.cu 2. The Moscow Times (Russia) http://www.themoscowtimes.com 3. Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/ 4. Lagos Vanguard (Nigeria) http://www.vanguardngr.com/ 5. Jerusalem Post (Israel) http://www.jpost.com/ 6. Times of India (India) http://www.timesofindia.com 7. People’s Daily (China) http://en.people.cn/ 

 For extra credit, World Geography students may choose one of the newspapers below and complete a second version of Project 2…same instructions and same requirements as on your regular assignment! The maximum possible points will be 30. Once again, keep in mind that you must use articles dated since Feb 1, 2019. Please choose from one of the following newspapers: EXTRA CREDIT NEWSPAPERS – Choose ONE 1. The Egypt Daily News (Egypt) http://www.egyptdailynews.com/ 2. The Nation (Pakistan) http://www.nation.com.pk/ 3. Vi?t Nam News (Vietnam) https://vietnamnews.vn/ 4. The Rio Times (Brazil) http://riotimesonline.com/ • Note: you can only get 3 free articles/week on The Rio Times, so click on most relevant articles and check each week and/or open a new browser (e.g., Chrome, then Firefox, then Safari) and/or move to a new computer in the library and you should be able to click on 3 more articles. If this seems to confusing, then pick a different newspaper from the list 141newspaperproject21.pdf141newspaperXCREDITproject1.pdfPosted: 8 months agoDue: 18/04/2019Budget: $30Tags: EA

geogarphy paper

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due in 7 days

You’ve learned a lot about the formation and movement of hurricanes and typhoons. For this assignment, you are going to demonstrate your knowledge and use an animation you’ve explored as evidence to enhance and provide proof in your discussion. 
Visit the “Earth – Map of Wind, Weather, and Ocean Conditions Animation” here  or use the link available in the Week 2 Module display in Canvas. You will focus your attention on sea-surface movement and temperature. Click on the “earth” button on the bottom, left side of the page (see image below). 
Note that the image should be in color. If it isn’t, you may need to use a different web browser. Once the animation menu is visible, click on the “Ocean” link. This will change the map to show current ocean conditions. See image below.
 Lastly, click on the “Currents” link under Animate to change the map so it illustrates current ocean surface currents. Your map should look similar to the image below. 
Click on the “earth” button again to hide the menu. Now, you are viewing surface, ocean current movement. Temperature values are also shown – currents in red, orange, and yellow represent warmer sea-surface temperatures. Currents in green, blue, and purple represent colder sea-surface temperatures. Rotate the Earth (by clicking and dragging) and take a look at the currents on the west coast of the United States and compare them to the east coast. Take a screenshot or picture of your view so I know you are looking at the correct area and current settings. You will submit this along with a written response. 
Respond to the following prompt:
Based on what you’ve learned this week (in the readings, videos, animation, etc.) – in your own words, describe why hurricanes are so prevalent on the east coast of the United States, but not the west coast. 
Your response should be in complete sentences. Remember this is an academic assignment, not a Facebook post or text message – proper spelling and punctuation count! See the rubric below for specifics on grading criteria. Your written response should be at least 200 words. 
To submit your assignment (both your image and written response), you can submit them together in one document, you can attach them separately, or you can place your written response in the text box below and attach your image. Click on the “Submit Assignment” link on the top, left.  You may submit multiple files and they can be in any standard format (i.e. Word document, PDF, Pages, JPEG, etc.). Once you submit your assignment, you will not be able to go back and make changes so be sure to upload everything at once. 
 Extra Credit Opportunity (optional; worth 2 points) – discuss the formation and of hurricanes (or typhoons) elsewhere around the world (you can discuss a specific region or the world in general). Why do they exist in certain locations but not others? Additional 100 word minimum.  


Introduction to Weather Processes and Systems

https://earth.nullschool.net/earth1.pngearth2.pngearth3.pngPosted: a year agoDue: 29/06/2018Budget: $8

arcgis mystory assingment

Your final paper will be a minimum 1,500 word written synopsis of your personal impact on the Bay Area Environment. You need to address the topics covered in this course and how your lifestyle choices relate to each topic (e.g. carbon footprint, water footprint, energy use, transportation habits, dietary habits, etc.). You should consider formatting your synopsis around the scientific method/process, where you are asking a question (how can I change my lifestyle to promote a sustainable future), complete background research by gathering external sources to support your position, include data (numerical values of your carbon footprint, water footprint, etc.), and you should also discuss how the Bay Area as a whole can change (e.g. you can bike to school/work more often, but the Bay Area can invest in rebuilding our transportation infrastructure to promote increased public transit). Finally, a strong conclusion detailing how you, and all of those who call the Bay Area home, can reduce your personal impact on the Bay Area FinalPaper1.pdfPosted: 7 months agoDue: 17/05/2019Budget: $3