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Answer all 4 questions in Description:

1.  Describe the basic steps of the scientific method. In what ways do you think this model oversimplifies how scientists really work, or how you approach scientific problems in your workplace? Discuss one example of how you have solved a problem (preferably one related to environmental science). Did you follow the steps of the scientific method? Where did you find that you had to deviate from the basic steps? If you did not have to deviate, where in the process did you come the closest to doing so? Support your answers. 

Your response must be at least 200 words in length.

Juvenile fire setters are a major problem in our society. Studies have indicated a high percentage of fires are set by juveniles. What can communities do to help address this issue? Please provide three recommendations as listed in the textbook.

Fire Prevention classUnless otherwise indicated, there is a 200 word minimumresponse required.Credible reference materials, including your course textbook(s), may be used to complete the assessment.APA InformationIn-text and reference citations are required for all written responses.

Introduction to Environmental Science Lab quiz

Question 6 of 1010.0 PointsThe footprint of our housing can vary considerably, based on several factors among which   Question 7 of 1010.0 PointsIn the Ecological Footprint Quiz, under the mobility section, the distance travelled by car is   Question 8 of 1010.0 PointsIn the Ecological Footprint Quiz, the time flown each year is   

In the Ecological Footprint Quiz, how is the ecological footprint measured?