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Write 500 words answering this question with (CHAPTER THIRTEEN Must We Provide Material Redress for Past Wrongs? by Nahshon Perez)

Give a concrete example of an intergenerational injustice. How should those who benefit from the past injustice respond to it in the present? If there are still people suffering from the effects of past injustice, do the beneficiaries of the injustice have an obligation to repair the injustice? What kind of reparations are possible, if any?


When creating appropriate, individualized curriculum, it is important to remember that “fair” and “equal” are not the same thing.  In other words, if all children are given the same thing, it might be fair, but when children are given what they need, it is fair.  For example, if a child is unable to sit at circle time, that child has the option to move outside the group, or perhaps use a fidget toy during meeting time.  In thinking about this, what does the idea of fair not being the same as equal mean in the classroom?  Generate an example of a fairness issue and explain how you might resolve it.