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Can someone answer discussion question?

How do professional standards relate to operational effectiveness for police? Within policing, professional standards should be common sense, though we routinely hear of incidents in which these lack. Most recently, the Secret Service White House detail is scrutinized (though the current issue is not their first in recent history). What is the administrator’s role in enforcing professional standards? What role should the public hold regarding oversight of policing practices and operations?  Why?

Post your perspective on the differences in motivation between employees of public and private organizations

Post  your perspective on the differences in motivation between employees of public and private organizations. Then, from the lens of an employee or student of public and nonprofit organizations, explain the intrinsic factors that motivate you to perform at high levels. Finally, as a manager in a public or nonprofit organization with limited financial resources, explain how you might reward, recognize, and support employees to maintain or increase employee motivation. 250-300 words in APA format

Can anyone write a two page essay?

Critique the following article.  This article covers why medical errors occur and the best prevention methods.  The critiqued article should include th following: 1.  An introduction2.  A summary of the article’s main points3.  The reason for the error4.  Consequences of the error5.  A paragraph of how you can learn from this article Must be in APA format and two pages in length (not including the title and reference page).  Cite all paraphrase and quotations appropriately.  Article is attached.

Is it possible to help them create nurturing family ties and friendship networks while still behind bars?

Considering the factors that make for successful reentry into society, what would you require inmates to do before they are released back into the community? Is it possible to help them create nurturing family ties and friendship networks while still behind bars? To Receive full credit you must:1- Submit at least 3 well developed paragraphs2- Use the e text material to support your response  corrections today the third edition chapter 2I would pay 5.50 and would need it by 11:00 PM eastern time.

Diversity in the Workplace and Work-Life Balance

Determine which class protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had the greatest impact on the workforce of the 20th century. Next, determine which class might have the greatest impact on the workforce of the 21st century. Support your positions.From the e-Activity, select the single most significant European work / life balance practice that U.S. companies could most easily implement. Provide a specific scenario or example to support your response.I just need at least 2 paragraphs.


I have a business law class and we have to write a paper based on watching a movie. Here are the instructinos:  Students will watch the movie, Les Misérables: a movie based on the novel of Victor Hugo. At the heart of the movie/novel is the perennial theme – the Letter of the Law and the Spirit of the Law. Upon reflection, the student will write a three (3) page, double-spaced, paper addressing the nature of the law and how the subject of ethics relates to the above theme presented in the movie.

Public Complaint

In the newspaper, find an example of a public complaint against a police department. It can be a police agency of any size, at the municipal, state, or federal level. In a one page paper, outline the nature of the complaint and answer the following questions: How would you begin investigating the complaint mentioned? What kind of morale problems might results from an inadequate investigation? Be sure to include the full source of the article. Assignment checked for plagiarism through SafeAssign.


Write an explanation for each brief of no more than 300 words.  about how the legal concepts in the selected case can be applied within a business managerial setting.Each paper needs a introduction and conclusion. Paper#1
1)KHALED ASADI, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. G.E. ENERGY (USA), L.L.C., Defendant -http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-5th-circuit/1639283.html#sthash.DqTEaB6i.dpuf Paper#2
1.)Doe v. Nestle USA, Inc., 10-56739http://caselaw.findlaw.com/summary/opinion/us-9th-circuit/2014/09/04/271338.html

Help With Assignment

I need a 3 page paper , double space, times new roman, 12 point font in your own words “YOU BE THE JUDGE” on a case. I need a paper in bluebook format, include a title page include the following:Type for the heading, you be the judge, also need page numbers that starts on the second page not the tile page.On the title page include: (This needs to be centered)Type Legal Research And Writingtype id #type name Type instructor nametype date Do not use APA format for this paper, use bluebook style…